Finnegan & Coulter


Brian Finnegan & William Coulter – Irish Flute and Guitar

Toward the Sun
is now available from CDBaby
EP CD from Brian Finnegan and William Coulter

Here are a few bits of video from our tour to Chile last November. It was an amazing gig at a pub in Santiago called Flannery’s Irish Geo Pub

Brian Finnegan and William Coulter have been touring together since they first met at the Boxwood Music Camp in Nova Scotia back in 2009. They  released their first duo recording, Toward the Sun,  in early July 2014. Performances on the east coast and a return trip to
Nova Scotia  celebrated this new CD.

Brian Finnegan is widely regarded as one of Ireland’s most exciting and innovative traditional musicians, flaunting his flute and whistle with a flamboyance and flair.  ‘A thrilling talent, marvelous technical dexterity, bold musical imagination and urgency, combining playing of breathtaking suppleness and delicacy.’ Scotland on Sunday. Finnegan is also acclaimed as a composer of tunes in the traditional style, amply attested to by his spectacular CD, ‘The Ravishing Genius of Bones.’  William Coulter is a Grammy Award winning guitarist who has been performing, recording, and teaching traditional and classical music for the past 25 years. 

Bill and Brian B&W

Here are some more tunes with Brian. These are from a performance at Don Quixote’s Music Hall in Felton CA, on October 6, 2010