Fire & Grace

So excited to announce that we have recorded our first CD – will be released in October 2016. Classical and Celtic and more! Bach, Riverdance, Bulgarian, Piazzolla, Vivaldi !playing
Virtuoso Violin meets Celtic Guitar

Edwin and William have been touring together for three years. This season they are performing together all over the United States as Fire & Grace, and as part of Tom Foley’s A Celtic Christmas. Canadian-born violinist Edwin Huizinga has established himself as one of North America’s most versatile violinists. Grammy award winning guitarist William Coulter has been performing and recording traditional and classical music for over 25 years. What is Fire & Grace? An eclectic exploration into the  fire and grace that connects the elements of classical, folk and contemporary musical traditions from around the world.

A couple of videos here. . .

Winter by Vivaldi

Quarter Inch Wick / Don Oiche

Bach Prelude Remixed