Rolling Waves CD

Happy New Year friends near and far. I am very excited to let you know about my latest release on Gourd Music, The Rolling Waves. I have been working on this recording for close to two years. I started recording at my home in Bonny Doon CA in early 2020, just before Covid. And then the pandemic happened, and the fires happened, and moving house a few times happened. But through it all I managed to get recording and editing in here and there, and, I have to say I am really proud of this recording. The tunes come from various sources, some are brand new to me, some are from my ancient past. I love all of these melodies dearly, and I hope that my arrangements support them and bring them to life and help the tunes find a way into your ears.

Here’s the title cut:

1. The Rolling Waves (Trad. Irish)
2. Sliabh na mBan (Trad. Irish) / Waterloo Hornpipe (Trad. Scottish)
3. What A Wonderful World (George David Weiss and Bob Thiele)
4. Mother Anne’s Song (Trad. Shaker)
5. Polska efter Nylandspojkarna (Trad. Swedish) / Hamborgar Walking Tune (Trad. Norwegian)
6. The Bricklayer’s Beautiful Daughter (William Ackerman)
7. Aisling Gheal (Trad. Irish)
8. Slängpolska Från Vrigstad (Trad. Swedish)
9. Lliw’r lili ymysg y drain (Trad. Welsh) / Lament for Roe Owen O’Neill (Carolan)
10. Pie Jesu (Gabriel Fauré)
11. New Morning Rain (William Coulter)
12. Jag Unnar Dig Ändå Allt Gott (Trad. Swedish)
13. Konvulsionslåten (Anders Norudde)
14. An Daingean (William Coulter)