In 2015 I received an email from a violinist named Susanna Perry Gilmore. She told me that she was concert-master of the Omaha Symphony but also an avid traditional fiddler. She asked if I would like to collaborate on a project that would blend traditional Irish music, dance, songs, and stories with a full symphony orchestra. Needless to say I said yes, and in 2016 we premiered Celtic Journey with the Omaha Symphony. The cast of characters included Susanna front and center, but also my longtime friends and colleagues Tomaseen Foley, Brian Bigley, Eilis Kennedy, Ross Hauck, and Samantha Harvey. Since then we have played the show in Omaha and Edmonton and in 2020 back to Omaha and Nashville. Thanks to James Jensen for believing in this project and also to Ernst Richardson for taking the helm on the podium! A trad Irish band in front of a full symphony is a mighty vessel indeed!

Celtic Journey – Video

Celtic Journey is a symphonic presentation of traditional Irish music, story, song, and dance. Taking a journey through time, the program features time-honored Irish marches, reels, jigs, and ballads with arrangements especially created to showcase the sound of the orchestra. A company of Irish musicians, dancers, and storyteller join with the orchestra to offer audiences a lively and stirring performance of beloved music and dance from Celtic culture.